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Plenary Lectures

Blaum, KlausGermanyPrecision measurements of fundamental properties of atomic particles in Penning traps
Chapman, HenryGermanySerial Femtosecond Crystallography OR Coherent Diffractive Imaging of Single Particles
Joblin, ChristineFranceIon trap experiments to study the photophysics and stability of interstellar polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Ketterle, WolfgangUSAUltracold matter
Martin, Fernando GarciaSpainAttosecond Molecular Dynamics
Zeilinger, AntonAustriaQuantum imaging with undetected photons

Invited Talks

Akimov, Aleksey V.RussiaBose-Einstein condensation of Thulium atoms
Alducin, MaiteSpainAb initio molecular dynamics with simultaneous electron and phonon excitations applied to gas-surface reactions
Bald, IlkoGermanyElectron induced bond cleavage using DANN origami templates
Baumert, ThomasGermanyPhotoelectron cicular dichroism measured by multiphoton ionization
Bolognesi, PaolaItalyPhoton and ion collisions with complex molecular systems
Dulieu, OlivierFranceControlled formation of cold molecules in their absolute fondamental size
Brezinova, IvaAustriaTime-dependent two-particle reduced density matrix theory
Trabattoni, AndreaItalyUltrafast electron dynamics in phenylalanine initiated by attosecond pulses
Cerullo, GiulioItalyUltrafast spectroscopy
Cohen, OrenIsraelTunable polarization of high harmonics light
Corral, InesSpainQuantum chemical and molecular dynamics studies of intersystem crossing in modified DNA/RNA building blocks
Currell, FredUKTowards nanoparticle enhanced radiotherapy
Domaracka, AlicjaFranceAstrophysics and chemistry with highly charged heavy Ions
Ehresmann, ArnoGermany2D spectroscopy of Floureszenz triggered by Synchrotron Radiation - Chiral Molecues
Eikema, Kjeld S. E.NLPrecision tests of fundamental physics
Fennel, ThomasGermanyTime-Resolved X-Ray Imaging of Anisotropic Nanoplasma Expansion
Fischer, DanielUSAIon Atom collisions using MOTRIMS
Gokhberg, KirillGermanyResonant Auger driven Interatomic Coulombic Decay
Goldfarb, FabienneFranceLong-lived light storage in a room temperature atomic vapor based on coherent population oscillations
Hervieux, Paul-AntoineFranceAntihydrogon ion production from collisions between anitprotons and excited positronium
Hofferberth, SebastianGermanyNonlinear quantum optics mediated by Rydberg atoms
Juzeliunas, GediminasLithuaniaMulticomponent slow light
Karamatskou, AntoniaGermanyNonlinear photoelectron spectroscopy to unravel substructure in collective giant resonances
Kippenberg, TobiasSwitzerlandCavity optomechanics
Koch, ChristianeGermanyQuantum control and light induced reactions
Lacombe, SandrineFranceNanoparticles in proton and heavy ion therapy
Lafosse, AnneFranceElectron-induced chemistry in molecular solids
Lemell, ChristophAustriaClassical-quantum correspondence in atom ionization by midinfrared pulses
Mairesse, YannFranceHigh harmonic specroscopy of polyatomic molecules
Mauritsson, JohanSwedenControlling auto-ionizing states using strong field and attosecond pulses
Osterwalder, AndreasSwitzerlandLow Energy molecular collisions in a merged beam experiment
Patanen, MinnaFranceStructure and dynamics of clusters probed by synchrotron radiation based X-ray spectroscopies
Polzik, EugeneDenmarkAtomic squeezing, or optical detection of radio waves through a nanomechanical transducer
Räsanen, EsaFinlandQuantum optimal control of ultrafast phenomena
Rauschenbeutel, ArnoAustriaNanophotonic atom-waveguide interface based on spin-orbit coupling of light
Reid, KatharineUKPicosend photoelectron imaging for probing dynamics in polyatomic molecules
Rohrlich, DanielIsraelQuantum Cheshire Cat
Roncin, PhilippeFranceTransient Quantum trapping of fast atoms at surfaces
Rosi, GabrieleItalyMeasurement of the Gravity-Field Curvature by atom interferometry
Rost, Jan MichaelGermanySlow electrons from intense fields
Rudenko, ArtemUSAMolecules ionization @KSU and XFEL
Saffman, MarkUSAScalable quantum computing and quantum networking with atomic qubit arrays
Schmöger, LisaGermanyCoulomb crystallization of highly charged ions
Schnell, MelanieGermanyEnatiomer specific spectroscopy of cold chiral molecules
Shabaev, Vladimir M.RussiaStrong field physics with highly charged ions
Stapelfeldt, HenrikDenmarkLaser alignment of molecules including preparation for diffractive imaging
Tarbutt, MikeUKFormation and application of cold and ultracold molecules.
Tashenov, StanislavGermanyObservation of Coherence in the Time-Reversed Relativistic Photoelectric Effect
Treutlein, PhilippSwitzerlandOptomechanics - hybrid-atomic system & squeezing of atoms
Turlapov, Andrey V.RussiaStudying two-dimensional ermi and Bose gases in a single experiment
van der Meerakker, BasNetherlandsHigh resolution imaging of molecular collisions
Versolato, OscarNetherlandsFundamental Physics of Laser Produced Plasmas for EUV nanolithography
Westbrook, ChrisFranceHong Ou Mandel effect with Helium mestastable atoms
Wilhelm, Richard ArthurGermanyBHighly charged ion interactions with nanomembranes
Williams, JoshuaUSA3dim Imaging of Molecules with Photoelectrondiffraction
Wüster, SebastianGermanyConical Intersections and non-adiabatic transitions in ultracold gases
Zamudio-Bayer, VincenteGermanyX-ray magnetic circular dichroism spectroscopy in transition metal dimer cations

Hot topic

Bertin, MathieuFranceLaboratory study of VUV photodesorption processes of interstellar ice analogues
Borbély, SándorRomaniaAntiproton energy loss distribution in He gas
Brand, ChristianAustriaAn Atomically Thin Matter-Wave Beam Splitter
Büchner, MatthiasFranceObservation of Atom-Wave Beats Using a Kerr Modulator for Atom Waves
Cervera, SophieFranceIons collisions to suppress the thermal hysteresis in magnetocaloric thin films
Ferreira da Silva, FilipePortugalKinetic-energy release distributions of fragment anions from collisions of potassium atoms with D-ribose and tetrahydrofuran
Ibrügger, MartinGermanyOptoelectrical cooling of polar molecules to submillikelvin temperatures
Ilchen, MarkusGermanyExploring Dynamics in Chiral Systems with Free-Electron Lasers
Kunitski, MaksimGermanyObservation of the Efimov state of the helium trimer
Maclot, SylvainSwedenDetermination of Energy-Transfer Distributions in Ionizing Ion-Molecule Collisions
Mooser, AndreasJapanThe Magnetic Moment of the Proton and a High-Precision Comparison of the Proton to Antiproton Charge-To-Mass Ratio
Reiserer, AndreasGermanyFrom a loophole-free Bell test to a global quantum network
Sang, Robert T.AustraliaThe interaction of metastable neon with a few cycle laser pulse
Schippers, StefanGermanyPhotoionization and photofragmentation of Lu3N@C80q+ ions (q=1,2,3)
Stockett, Mark H.DenmarkWhy are leaves green? Action spectroscopy of chlorophyll molecules and dimers in vacuo.
Thomas, OliverGermanyDirect Excitation of Butterfly States in Rydberg Molecules
Toker, YoniIsraelIsomerization and Fragmentation of Retinal Chromophore Derivatives
Wang, YangSpainUnraveling the Principles Governing the Stability of Endohedral and Exohedral Fullerenes

Poster Session

The poster boards have a dimension of 1.2 (width) x 1.5 m (height) and can fit a poster up to size A0. Pins will be provided. Please remove your poster from the board at the end of the day of presentation but do not remove the poster board number.

Public lecture

"The Stern-Gerlach-Experiment revisited" by Horst Schmidt-Böcking on Wednesday, 8:30 pm (free)